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öffner & wandleser

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Bab Iot - JAN Produkt

zugangspunkt für mehrere benutzer

Der Bab Öffner & Reader JAN funktioniert als Access Point, der einfach an Türen angebracht werden kann und so in verschiedensten Stanorten wie dem Büro, Hotelräumen, Garagen und Wohnhäusern für Access Control sorgen.

Bab opener & readerJan is working as an access point which you can position on the doors for access control in different locations like offices, hotel rooms, garages, or even houses.

Bab reader Jan connects with Nan beacons and mobile devices to access rooms, unlock doors & turnstiles and track people & objects. Just tap or hold your Nan beacon or mobile device to the Jan reader.


just some of the many features

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Low energy communication
  • Single, Multiple Access in Timezones
  • Suitable for all door types
  • Encryption protocols
  • Wifi connection
  • Modes, Auto Open in Range, Shake Shake
  • Diameter, 100 mm
  • Application for Android and IOS
  • SDK, API for Android and IOS
  • Online & Offline Matching
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Application areas: Opening Doors,
  • Barriers & Turnstiles

With Bab reader Jan, users can assign multiple users to access for one or more access points in a simple and fast way by sending access codes via e-mail or text message. You can give access to anyone when you want to let them in even when you are far away.

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