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Bab, the access control & tracking solutions

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Simple Smart Tracking

rf technologies
with refined design

Implementations of access and tracking systems have become essential for many companies recently due to its great advantage of location detection of objects or persons.

Bab serves rf technology with refined design which allows users to unlock doors and have fast access. It also provides real time location information that enables users to keep track of access location and time easily.

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Bluetooth systems are cheap, easy to set up - maintain and can be used as many different solutions like managing access control, time & attendance, indoor tracking, rtls, social distancing, room capacity and more.

Access Control
access control

Bab app gives users the ability to control access remotely and freedom/remarkably quick and reliable access. Users can restrict or share access easily.

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Time Attendance
time & attendance

Bab, the bluetooth tracker and access point technology allows users to manage employees’ time and attendance system.

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Bab real time location systems offer tracking solutions ranging from object tracking to employee location tracking.

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Social Distancing
social distancing

Bab beacons offer the technology to maintain social distancing between employees.

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Room Capacity
room capacity

Bab bluetooth systems can be used to limit the number of people entering or staying in your room on a given day by applying capacity levels to the space.

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Zone Control
zone control

Bab beacon Nan allows users to track their employees by measuring how much time they spend in the specific zones of a working area.

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Bab Beacon Nan

bab beacon

fast access & lightweight

Bab beacons provide access & tracking technology with modern design which is lightweight and easy to carry with for opening doors & turnstiles, indoor positioning, tracking of people and objects.

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bab mega controller
advanced connecting

Bab mega controller Meru - allows users to review real-time access - is just like the controller Vav but a more advanced version which connects up to 4 wired electronic door locks.

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bab reader

opener & wall reader

Bab opener and reader Jan connects with Nan beacons and mobile devices to access rooms, unlock doors & turnstiles and track people & objects. Just tap or hold your Nan beacon or mobile device to the Jan reader. The bluetooth and NFC wall reader work effortlessly with both access cards and mobile devices.

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Bab Reader Jan
Bab Controller Vav

bab controller

strong & smart

Bab controller Vav allows users to review real-time access information including both employees' arrival and leave. Users can restrict or share access and manage all the door access permissions from anywhere they want.

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mobile app

Bab mobile app lets users unlock the doors with their phones. Users can hold their phones to the reader just like using a keycard to access areas fast via Bluetooth on iPhone and NFC on Android.

Share Access Key
Set Access Time
Shake and Pass
Safe Access
Bab Iot Mobile App