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How does the Bab beacon system work?

Beacon technology has been around since 2013. A beacon using an iBeacon profile contains a combination of letters and numbers, broken up into specific groups. Each code is unique for every beacon and a mobile application will only take action when it recognizes the data related to that beacon. Once a beacon is detected by an application, some kind of action is triggered: a push alert to the home screen, a prompt to log something into the phone, connect to a server, and so on.

What do I need to set up a bluetooth access & tracking system?

Bab beacon access and tracking systems are easy to set up, there are just three basic components:

  • A compact Bluetooth beacon — also known as BLE beacons or tags.
  • A mobile scanner to read beacon signals — scanner can be a sensor or mobile devices.
  • An access point to a network, which is connected to a database or cloud-based server this can be a smartphone as well.

Beacons typically have a wireless range of 1m to 70 m.

What are the advantages of bluetooth technology?

There are many advantages of bluetooth technology. Here are some of the examples:

  • It is cheaper than other tracking solutions.
  • It has a long lasting battery life. Batteries only have to be replaced every one or two years on the contrary of other technologies are required every few months. The batteries can also be recycled.
  • Bluetooth is the most popular standard for wireless communication. Devices such as phones are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing phones to be used as BLE tag readers. This is even cheaper than buying cheap readers, as most of your employees will already have phones.
  • Bluetooth accuracy depends on the number of beacons you have installed. That means that you can install extra beacons in the areas where high granularity is important, and save money by reducing the number in places where you do not need that level of precision.
  • Beacons are also relatively low cost and have a range of about 70 mt.
  • It is also a safe and secure system. BLE can be directly connected to the cell network rather than using bandwidth on the enterprise network. This also improves security by reducing the number of IoT items connected to the network.